December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!


We hope all your hopes and dreams come true in 2018….

From the D & D Rockin’ Rods Family to Yours!

Thank You!
We want to give a special thank you to all our supporters & friends for a wonderful D & D Christmas for Kids. We made a big difference in the lives of so many children. We provided Christmas to 160+ children & 60+ adults. Visit our Facebook page to see the photos.

This year we gifted 11 bikes… our donated storage space was stuffed… After stretching our resources, we got all the families taken care of. We got creative on many items. We shopped sales, requested and received some special prices, negotiated on the groceries. Every child got two full changes of clothes, at least one “big wish”, stocking stuffers and several smaller gifts. We increased the groceries from three (3) days’ worth to a full week of food for each family. We also increased the “meat allowance”.

Thanks to a silent donation that was made we were able to adopt that “last family” … we could not have adopted any of the families without the help and support you gave us all year. Every year we are so grateful for our Rockin’ Rods family.

When you realized that without our efforts some of these children would not have Christmas at all it is amazing. We are making a big difference…

On delivery day Santa would go to their door & knock… the look on the children’s faces as they opened the door. Then our volunteers brought in the packages… the excitement & happiness showed. They would dance, chatter or be shy and hide behind a parent. Here was Santa, lots of strangers, cool cars & presents!

Santa would talk with the children, he would ask what they wanted to be when they grew up. No matter what they answered he would tell them they had to study hard. Work at math, science, English… all their subjects to grow up smart. Other children in the neighborhood would come to see Santa. They also were told to study hard and grow up smart and hard working. The children got to sit in some of the cars, visit with Santa and feel extra special.

Thank you Santa for your kind words and understanding during the visits.

Each family has a story; each family also has love & strength.

One family was a 17-year old single mother with a 3-year old. Mom is still in school, working part-time and doing the best she can for her child. They live with whoever has room for them at the time. Her family turned them out. Mom is not giving up on making a better life for herself and her child.

Another family is a Grandmother raising seven (7) children by herself only on social security. Living in a 2-bedroom house they are crowded but happy. Our volunteers filled up the small living room with gifts – the family had to use the back door to come and go.. no more room until after Christmas morning. The love of the grandmother was reflected in the eyes of the children. We can only hope that their future will be bright and filled with as much love as they have today.

There were so many tiny babies… one was just four days old. Lots of snuggles and baby holding. You know how much I love holding babies.

Rocket Reese had the Christmas music turned up loud as we pulled up. Everyone in the neighborhood would come out to see Santa, the cars & us. No sneaking up on anyone with the music going. We were the center of attention everywhere we went. What fun we had! I feel that Dale was looking down on us with a big grin on his face… how he loved the deliveries & the kids.

Thank you one and all for your love and support!

Cruise Safely!

D & D Rockin’ Rods
Family & Friends

Cruise Safely!!!!

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